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Antonio Breglia, young singer-songwriter from Vico Equense, in the heart of the Sorrento peninsula, one year is back with a new single after being put on display with the previous job "at a time Be". The single "outta here" is available from March 11 in all digital stores, distributed and promoted by (R) exist, which anticipates the release of the third album.

Antonio was born in Castellammare di Stabia (NA) on December 28, 1982, as the youngest of three brothers. After graduating from the Art Institute "f. Big" studies "conservation" in Salerno but is another art that the marks. In fact, during his transfer to Vico Equense, at the heart of the Sorrento Coast, approaches the music completely on her own. The affinity for every artistic expression enables him to experience every nuance of the world around him and from which it draws its strength. His songs are like frames depicting the most simple and never banal of everyday life, to tell the collection nothing but existence itself. Growing up with music that is always peeping into her life taking the form of old vinyl of his older brother, passing entire afternoons to listen to them. It is in this way that shape, step by step, its musical culture. Cornerstone and very strong reference point in his education is an international songwriter Pino Daniele, which remains very attached. For years, starting from full adolescence, performs with various bands presenting a repertoire centered on the rock years 70: ranging from Doors to Jimi Hendrix to many others. In this same period he began the first experiments as an author on a purely personal. The need to be independent and assert their own ideas, as well as important personal events, led it to approach permanently and more deeply on guitar. All of this leads him to write the lyrics and music of his first song "unless" (2010) followed within a short time other unpublished as "a strange man," "La notte", "by my side" and "your problem". After hard work succeeds in auto produce her debut album "a strange man" and only half a year comes the second disc "I still have dreams to dream", containing 10 tracks including 9 unpublished and it draws personally even the cover. Following an artistic break, characterized by a strong personal conflict, gets back into the game with "be" (2014) relying, for the first time, to a label ((R) exist in Ferrara) who enters the world record.   

Recorded and mixed by: Angelo Coppola

Distribution: (R) exist

Press Office: (R) exist Promotion


Article taken from the press release (R) exist Distribution

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