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During the Fascist period, and during World War II, radio was the medium of communication used to spread the ideas of the Queens and the turn of events in that sad circumstance.

The war also decreed a change in the media. Diffusion plants were rebuilt and, in 1949, it changed its name to radio RAI (Radio Audizioni Italy). In just four years were rebuilt all transmitters destroyed or damaged by the war. He began that era considered the golden age. Before the war the cost of radio equipment was so large that not everyone could afford it while in the post-war period the prices went down dramatically and this allowed the radio to enter the homes of Italians. 

The 1951 marked the birth of the Festival of San Remo. In the same year there was the radio system reform that established the birth of three networks: national, second and third. Was regularized and radio news for this, since the law on fairness was established the “Committee of vigilance[1].

Communications had a breakthrough. The 1954 gave birth to television. This incident led to a new phase of competition of the media. The radio had to look for new strategies to compete with the new market. That was how it started broadcasting nightly programs both aired daily. During the years of economic boom, the radio was turned into a transportable anywhere, thanks to the invention of the transistor and the car radio. These transformations were the beginning of a sense of freedom that spread particularly among young people. If before the war the radio was played indoors with the family reunited, in those years with the transistor radio was the perfect tool and portable to listen to the new music called rock, who was born at that time.

The television had a great success and was highly appreciated by much of the public but the radio continued to be successful and to sustain in this fierce competition due to its roots in folk costumes.

“But the radio does not disappear, it changes and becomes invading new time slots. If TV becomes the inevitable appointment of prime time, the radio will multiply the offer to stay “on” 24 on 24 and develops programming at night. The new radio programs tend to capture more and more the attention of young people and housewives. The programme adapts to competition from TV shows and underlines the difference between the two means. [2]

We are in the years when the radio medium became spokesman for expression and freedom. In 1958 Hydro journalist Montanelli told the story of our country through the radio. During this period was born the first bin titled “Lord of 13” led by Enzo Tortora. In the same year the first pirate broadcasters. All this was possible thanks to the low cost of implementation of a transmitting station FM. Although the monopoly of communications was in the hands of national networks, this did not prevent radio as Radio Caroline, Radio broadcast and then to Merkur music, news and advertising. This happened for the first time in Europe, “off the coast of Dutch, from an old ship[3].”

Since the 1960s the radio became the medium of political youth groups privileged communication because it was a “direct and immediate[4] to make their voices heard. Create a radio station was cheaper than a broadcaster. Hence the so-called “free radios[5].


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