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Finally arrived in Italy, in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni in Venice, the biggest Jackson Pollock painting, father of action pain[1]ting, he realized. This painting is entitled "Mural" and was created, between the summer and autumn of 1943, for Peggy Guggenheim's apartment in New York. Pollock is definitely considered the most influential artist of American art. Peggy Guggenheim was the woman who discovered him and talking "styled success.[2]" Was Piet Mondrian, "according to an anecdote in the autobiography of Jimmy Ernst, son of Max, convinced Peggy that the work of the American artist, was to be utterly exposed.[3]" From then on Pollock's luck began so much that he signed a contract with the Gallery of collector Peggy, in July 1943. In the late 1940s the same Peggy took him to Venice the works of Pollock, creating a certain curiosity towards this new artist.

"The mural is now considered, by critics, the most important American painting of the 20th century and perhaps the first work characterized by the modus laborandi, who four years later would be led to the technique of dripping, or rather pouring: a long and unique execution time from which the author was totally absorbed, like himself an integral part of the framework"[4]. His drip the color on a canvas, placed horizontally, became an enchanted gesture that recalled the "magical propitiatory rites-charged by American Indians"[5]. The work is clearly visible that the chaotic character derived from the tangle of lines and random spots. All his works are marked by the "instance of Existentialism, characterized by distrust in the ability of man to realize his aspirations of a harmony with the outside world to the individual"[6]. Just inside this pictorial chaos there is a dramatic charge and perhaps this confusion criticized the work his anguish. His was a way to know your unconscious and irrational. His perceiving art suggestionò the thought of the intellectuals of those years.

The painting in question, has undergone conservation and cleaning up at the Getty Conservation Institute. The curator of the exhibition is David Anfam. He has chosen twenty jobs which also include other artists like David Smith, Clyfford Still and Barbara Morgan. The idea of Anfam is to understand the career of Pollock, comparing it with the evolution of the American mural painting in New York of the 1940s.

In this view you can see other works by Pollock, including "Alchemy". There are also photographs of Herbert Matter, Aaron Siskind and Gjon Mili.

The exhibition is open from 22 April to 9 November 2015.

Open every day from 10 to 18.

Reduced admission: € 14 and cost 12 euros.

For further information see the website

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