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Stefano Bognolo
Stefano Bognolo Chief Executive Officer retetop95

Andri Balla Chief Executive Officer retetop95

Andri Balla Balla was born on 21 April 1968 in art Andry impelled by a strong propensity for music from an early age it follows courses of piano, at the age of 16 years between ' 80 and 90 years along with a group of friends and fans, give life to the first radio in veneto in stereo (radio Antenna Mestre centro) on the frequencies of 90900 mhz over time the radio is changing and you add another frequency that of 95 mhz and she gets so Network radio Top 95.

In 1992 began regulation of frequencies at which point the Group of fans must give up given the costs involved and each of us embarks on his career.

In 2003 a group of friends manage to convince me to join the first salsa course, at school only salsa with Adriano and Roberta.

From here a path beginning with internationally renowned masters, Teresa Castaneda, Ahmed Zaki, Martina Trivellato, Nicola degli Agostini, Samantha Santana, I participate in the conjunto salsero and I was lucky enough to follow the stage with Nathan CHAN, Nelson Flores, Esmil Diaz etc..

In 2011 after obtaining the diploma of master amateur Association constitute Locura Cubana Dance Company, which brought me a wonderful experience but was not what I wanted.

We will not stop there even with your help we will develop a radio that will become a reference point for the music and not only …

It only remains for me to wish you a good listen.

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Chief Executive Officer retetop95

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