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It started last April 24 with the first date of stay human tour official presentation of the new disc.

Strong positive feedback dates so far, both in Italy and abroad, and veterans from newly opened concert of Goran Bregovic in Mantua, the Sine Frontera will continue to tread the stages of the peninsula. Here are the next dates announced so far:

STAY HUMAN TOUR-September 2016

10/09 – Ravenna – Pala de Andrè – Festa de l ' unità
17/09-Bruneck (BZ) – UFO – Roots and Wings C.G.
* update calendar//

SINE FRONTERA "stay human", the new disk.
from 22 April in cd and digital
(label chaotic is the Rev Group/distr. Artist First Digital/promo. Indiebox Music)

COVER stay human 14x14

Preceded by the single "the migrants" on 22 April 2016 new disc of SINE FRONTERA, "stay human".

The album's title is a tribute to the young reporter pacifist Vittorio Arrigoni, killed in the Gaza Strip in 2011, which he used to close each item of correspondence with the phrase "stay human", invoked even in the title of his book "Gaza. Stay Human ".

On this initial suggestion runs the narrative thread of the new album that takes the form of a concept album in which the Mantuan education develops a reflection on man's deduction and its deep contradictions. Free will, unique feature that distinguishes the human being by any other body, making it at the same time fragile creature, of course willing to goodness and altruism, as fierce and brutal violence actor, author of their choices and their helmsman drifts, one way or the other. Are good and evil, black and white that permeate all mankind, without distinction, the souls of this new chapter.

This is therefore an analysis on the present and on the cultural involution rampant in our society, conducted through music and words of the eleven songs on the disc, a reflection on being and stay human.


With songs like "black clouds", "migrant" and "Sea Surges in head" Sine Frontera are authors of poetry news stories with which to photograph the current world situation, referring to terrorism, war, immigration and the populist political propaganda that goes with it and that is based on the exploitation of the tragedies and collective fears. "Wind music" draws attention to the importance of the protection of the planet, our natural habitat, to preserve and protect. Find space on the disc mold popular songs, like "John the orb", ironic song of Mantuan tradition, written by Mendes Old, dedicated to the world of cycling, and particularly a blind accordion player with a passion for the two wheels. Of the same inspiration "Fòla by Babau", popular song that recalls the story of the black man as a metaphor for the fear of man toward what you don't know. "Blackbeard" evokes atmospheres of pirates with the tale of the epic story of Edward Teach, the Corsair became a pirate, known as Blackbeard. The song, written and performed originally by Alessandro Bernini (aka Alemask) has been re-arranged folk twist by Sine Frontera. The circus atmosphere and Gypsy "Circus" and the instrumental "Balkan" Hound line "fairytales and clouds", sweet and nostalgic final ballad about the passage of time, the resulting changes and things that sometimes end up leaving in an indelible mark.


The musical roots of Sine Frontera are closely tied to their places, so the Po Valley and the tradition of Folk, but also with sensitivity and Combact naturalness to tell the stories of the world, carrying the listener from the suburbs of the big cities to the neverending South AmericaCeltic and Irish melodies merge with Balkan music, reggae, folk and ska, to play tarantellas and ballads, ironic sweetThe Sine Frontera make musical filming their flag. On 22 April 2016 presents the new album "stay human".


Sine Frontera "migrants" – Official Video 

THE MIGRANTS. A song explaining since title, facing an issue more than ever present and sadly: the drama lived by thousands of people forced by war and misery to abandon their hometowns, braving the sea, to reach Europe's shores. The text tells firsthand, the wretch of a refugee trip, aboard a boat full of people, looking for a better life hopefully. Always sensitive to social issues, the Sine Frontera decide to dedicate this first single, to this collective tragedy, summed up in that journey, which despite its apparent brevity mileage, never seems to end, very dangerous, and that involves painful departure from suffering and the beloved, in search of a new world. Alessandro Sanna, signing the cover photos and illustrations with which the video was shot. Directed by Roberto Pavani. Animations by Matthew Codognola.

"The migrants" was recorded at Studio Awais (MN) by Simone Angiuli. ': Chaotic Is The Rev Group, S. Biagio (MN). Text by Antonio Remains. Music and arrangements by Sine Frontera. Illustrations by Alessandro Sanna. Animations by Matteo Codognola. Director and D.O.P. Roberto Pavani. Mastering: IndieBox Music Hall. Press Office: IndieBox Music

Taken from the press release IndieBox Music

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