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Ciaolapo Onlus presents, Saturday 27 February at 15:00, a photography project in collaboration with the photographer Alessandra Fuccillo, titled “Mothers suspended“. The Association protects the pregnancy and perinatal health, offering support and advice to parents and families affected by bereavement, during pregnancy and after childbirth. This photographic exhibition is the brainchild of exceeding the taboo on birth and death. Each photograph will be the story of a mother who has volunteered to narrate, through the pictures, what is difficult to say in words. Just talking to this suffering, made of silences and misunderstandings, you manage to overcome this time made of bewilderment and disbelief. Art becomes the medium to communicate these feelings. The photographs we will reveal many little love affairs.

The same photographer told herself through these words:

mothers suspended“I’m a mom like so many and what happened happened to many women. I have two scars on the heart which became beautiful musical notes, but even today I can’t touch and see my kids every day, I can only imagine, create space and serenity to them. I am grateful to all the people who helped me in this process harsh and hard and the photographic project that follows is a refund, a universal symbol of gratitude that I have towards all people who have shown in light after which my kids have vanished. I am a professional photographer and I deal mainly with family portraits and commercial photography. I founded the photographic studio CameraOff in 2009 alone, but today I can count on the collaboration of some good colleagues. Since 2005 I expose personal art projects. The photographic project suspended Mothers has as its main objective a photo exhibition that will turn to Italy and that will consist of about 30 images that will be printed on forex panels, which will measure approximately 70x50cm. The title comes from a first consideration that is often overlooked: we are already mothers, from the very moment in which we read the pregnancy test result and despite our kids no more. For me it was difficult to admit it and understand it, because, like many other mothers, I felt inadequate to motherhood, I felt I was at fault, felt like “inside me life cannot flow”, as he told me one of the Moms who collaborated actively in the project. I added the adjective “suspended” because that is the feeling I have tried, first perceived vacuum and secondly for the views from outside: I refer to that sense of injustice you feel when many take for granted that you’re a mother and you just try to forget; all mothers who have experienced my experience know how are wrong these considerations and how much hurt. I find it amazing the capacity of rebirth of the mothers I’ve known and giving hope to me to power a new pregnancy and bring it even to the end.

The idea is to photograph the mom offered voluntary redundancy having first heard the story; in all the conversations I had with the Moms were born some beautiful pictures that we have together turned into photography. Not all of the resulting photograph symbolizes a rebirth, because there is absolute freedom of expression. In my case, for example, there is a self-timer that harks back to the moment of absolute vacuum tried early in the mourning. Some shots were designed and built in the studio, others in the House and other wildlife. Finally this project aims to make me live a catharsis and offer the possibility to other moms feel the same feeling of “lightness” I feel myself when I see myself from outside in a photograph that brings with it sorrow, hope, beauty, life and death. “

This project will be presented throughout Italy. The first event will be at Mestre, at the civic Tower, in collaboration with the cultural association CameraOff from 27 February to March 6, 2016 Anadyomene and.

Admission free

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