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maestri del colore


The masters of color

Masters of color, Italian Folk band Ethereal after a long tour to China announces the publication of the sixth album of his long career.

 "The masters of color" is the title of the full-length, due out May 2, 2016 for the Russian label Endless Fog-who will deal with the distribution in Russia-world physical distribution will be curated by Audioglobe and digital one Believe.

The masters of color will be presented live with a showcase on
29 April 2016
at the Church of San Severo outside the walls, Rione Sanità/Naples
Input: 7.00 € (including wine and a short guided tour of the Basilica) 

Appointment outside the Basilica of San Severo to healthcare, in Piazzetta San Severo to Capodimonte.
Reservation required for limited capacity.
Info: 3,391,351,
concert beginning at 21.30 hours

The album features musicians from the following bands:
Irfan, ashrams, Micrologus, Quartetto Savinio, Synaulia/Aktuala, Sineterra

The music video for the single "Sound painting" was released on 18 April

Click here to listen to the album premiered on Itunes

The album is in pre-order on the website of the label

The album contains 13 tracks, produced and arranged by the mind of the project, Richard Parsons, including a cover of "Amara terra mia" by Domenico Modugno and a retelling of a medieval 13th century Spanish song.
Over 50 minutes of refined Progressive-Folk-Ethereal.

The Tracklis

1-Sound on canvas
2-I Sassi di Matera
3-Violet Nolde
4-The cretto black 
5-Yellow dolmen
6-Amara terra mia
7-poppy and memory
8-gold background
9-Pink cats
10-The Red scream
11-Royal Blue
13-The white eye

Recorded by Corrado T (already with Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, Almamegretta)
Mixed by Corrado T, Salvio Vassal (already with Driving Mrs. Satan, m ' 99 Posse, Boat Ben Taleb, Roy Paci, Enzo Gragnaniello, Tony Esposito, Eugenio Bennato, Louis Bacalov, Peter Gabriel, José Feliciano) and Gary Parkinson (already with Peppe Barra, Morgan, A Toys Orchestra).

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Article taken from the press release Hungry Promotions

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