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Maru is a singer-songwriter. Growing up in the city of Syracuse attending the environments of art and music but his project was born in the city of Cremona, where he moved in 2012 to attend school. The first album, presented by the video for the single "Liz" was produced by Davide Di Rosolini in Turin and is a combination of small and big things, cities, changes, dinosaurs and romance lived from the perspective of someone who allows still daydreaming. The universe of Maru is constantly evolving: light sounds of ukuleles and a xylophone up to a real band consisting of guitar and drums. The continuous search for new sounds and new ways to describe their own reality can give a precise framing of the artistic conception of this promising singer-songwriter. Every single track on the album is a story to tell and remember, unpretentious and not even lightly, to keep close to the chest (and ears) without letting it get away too easily.


1) Zerotresettedue
2) baby teeth
3) Cursed
4) Gilbert
5) Olliuchenit
6) A weather in coffee
7) Pueblo
8) Ventiquattromarzo
9) Senzaemme
10) the trick


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