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Kizomba at these times you hear much talk and little by little we see increasingly, Latin American dance halls. Some call it "African tango" but really what is it? What does it mean?

Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance and music originating in Angola. This dance was developed in Angola since the end of 1989 to the early 1990s. Everything comes from the fusion of traditional Angolan music — the Semba, with musical styles such as Zouk and the Konpa of French Caribbean Islands. At the bottom of Kizomba is directly connected to Semba and we can affirm that it was her daughter. In fact, when the current music Kizomba was more popular, the dancers of Semba of Angola began to adapt to new musical arrangements. It is characterized by a slow, sensual and romantic. It's a couple dancing with regular movements, forward, backward and circulars, bending the knees slightly and making a small bounce. The dancers move through these musical intervals between them, but not too much, and the world no longer exists. There is only music and two bodies dancing in unison. The songs were sung in Kimbundu language initially, Kizomba, and in other languages in Angola. Now many of these songs are in Portuguese. It must be remembered that Angola was a Portuguese colony. Many current compositions are popular thanks to songs singers from Suzanna Lubrano or Johnny Ramos. Interesting is the transformation of Semba, who while passing through the various countries becomes Zouk. The latter is the fusion of rhythms Angolans and Cape Verdeans. Meet new traditional rhythms, Morna and Coladeira as Vapour. Contamination of the sound of this countries, thanks to an opening, gives rise to cultural and musical Kizomba. One of the forerunners of Kizomba is Eduardo Paim. The word Kizomba means "party".

However, there is difference between "kizomba" music and "dance" kizomba. The first has Zouk influences derived from Guadeloupe and Martinique; While the second has Zouk influences.

January 10, 2015

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