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100 Lire in the Jukebox

A coin and the "Jukebox", this musical box, magically starts to play the song choice.

We think this sound machine that has accompanied us for several generations and that allowed us to listen to a lot of songs. You listened to the music with your friends when you were to get ice cream, for a drink or to eat a sandwich and maybe we put even to dance. With the Jukebox we dreamed we fell, we cried. This unit has always given lots of emotions and each of us jealously guards.

Today technology has changed many things, there are CDs, MP3 players and cell phones but nothing can be comparable to the Jukebox.

"Jukebox Stories" is a program in which you want to tell, through images and words, the story of the great artists who have been part of great music.


By AltheoNetTv

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