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House Jacks
House Jacks

House Jacks-singing a cappella

The "House Jacks in Treviso-Festival of singing a Cappella.

"House Jacks in Treviso on 15 November at the Auditorium in San Artemio (20:45 hours).  An original rock band without instruments that creates immersive music using only their 5 beautiful voices. The band's innovations have laid the groundwork for a revival of a cappella singing throughout the world. Their music can be heard in the movie "Pitch Perfect", on the television show "The Sing Off" (United States, China, Netherlands, France), and on radio stations around the world, including Radio Top95.

House Jacks disc
House Jacks disc

With over 3000 shows since 1991, the four members of the band, Deke Sharon, Austin Willacy, Elliott Robinson, John Pointer & Nick Girard excited and inspired by the live audience throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. From Carnegie Hall to the World Expo, from Brazil to Sri Lanka, with Rolling Stone on Cnn in "Monday Night Football" (ESPN); by Sony for Ford to Verizon, and in live performances with giants like Ray Charles, James Brown, train, The Temptations, the Neville Brothers, Crosby Stills and Nash, the Pointer Sisters, The Four Tops and LL Cool J

The "House Jacks continue to electrify audiences with their powerful sound, original songs and dynamic versions of popular songs. An unstoppable machine.

A real human Jukebox

The House Jacks are a real human jukebox capable of processing any music and song. Calls the name of a song or an artist you want to listen to Chapel and House Jacks will improvise on the spot a version of your request, even if they've never heard!

Instrument voices

Magnificent voices to listen with your eyes closed and you won't believe that everything we're hearing is sung live! The "House Jacks with single voice can imitate so many instruments (drums, flute, guitar, bass, trumpet, trumpet muted, even synthesizers) that intertwine in their songs to create a complete and varied experience for audiences of all ages.

 Singing a Cappella Festival

 Now in its tenth edition, "Speakerphone" resist strenuously the winds of crisis once again proposing appointments that will carry the brand name the cream of international a Cappella Music. A Festival that wants to respond with passion to the interest of its audience towards the voice what musical instrument Prince, testifying as the music a Cappella music is deeply rooted in Italian culture near and element. Speakerphone Festival from 2005 to now promotes a series of concerts devoted to vocal music, organized by the cultural association VenetoCoro.

Singing a cappella-What is?

A musical group consisting of singers (or "singers") is called the choir; When the choir performs music without instrumental accompaniment we speak of singing a cappella. The item explored the infinite range of its potential. In Treviso again, many different musical genres for an exciting journey into the Earth without boundaries of vocal music.


The concert on Saturday 15 November, only event of the European tour of "House Jacks", will take place at the Auditorium Sant'Artemio is located on Via Cal di Breda, at the headquarters of the province of Treviso. The seat of the province is equipped with ample free parking. Admission: adults £ 14; concessions € 9; under 6 € 5; Advance at Bane in via della Pescheria at Tv, tel. 0422/56566; Optics Pignatto goose in Calmaggiore to Tv, tel. 0422/591973.
Ticket collection (telephone), via Zanella in Viru-Tv, cell. 320/6152693

Info: 39.320.6152693

Speakerphone-X International a Cappella Festival

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