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Fisarmonica Da Vinci

FIM Genoa 2015: the Da Vinci accordion


The accordion (Friuli) of Da Vinci display at the international music fair in Genoa
The international music fair in Genoa, 2015 (May 15-16-17 days) will have a guest-starred all made in Friuli and in its launch press conference relies entirely on Eugenio Bennato and the accordion. It goes without saying that to be friulana isn't accordion built by luthier Bagha, but Mario Buonoconto Majano, played and promoted by Denis Baker of Azzano Decimo.

The special construction

The accordion will be exhibited at the show, accompanied by a video that explains all phases of construction, including the precious decorations, while visitors will appreciate the sound through headphones. In the program there are also a concert held by Denis Baker, during which you will appreciate the flute sound of this instrument is part of the family of the organ and progenitor of the present accordion and a lecture by Mario Buonoconto, specializing in antique tools, rebuilding tools unfamiliar iconographic (like the harp mechanics made from a frieze of casa di Giorgione at Castelfranco Veneto) and avid Builder of Leonardo's machines. Mario Buonoconto has made the instrument in 9 years of studies on the original design by Leonardo, who was also a skilled player of the lira da braccio: some drawings by Fol. 76r. the Codex Madrid II which is located in the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid.

Leonardo and the accordion

An idea written almost as a reminder, no construction details, which could give rise to many interpretations. Just a Spanish musician had made an attempt several years ago, but with little luck, creating an organ of papel. The exceptional nature of the instrument, made by Buonoconto, which proves that Leonardo had anticipated about 300 years the birth of the accordion as we know it today, is that it be fully functional and usable. And in 2013, played by Massimo Tagliata (accordion player di Biagio Antonacci), contributed to the success of "The Geek", winning song of the Zecchino d'Oro 2013 (ex equo with two grandparents love it). Currently there are ten, three of which are on display in exhibitions or museums (Castelfidardo accordion Museum, National Museum of science and technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, Baker Concert Hal Azzano Decimo), the others being in possession of Italian and foreign musicians.

The presence at the FIM Genoa 2015 fits into the activities of promotion and development of the instrument, made by a team of researchers, musicologists and musicians, led by Denis Baker, in turn tireless promoter active in the field of cultural musical concerts, teaching, organization of exhibitions and festivals.

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