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This year has already been defined cast the Sanremo Festival. To present the Festival will be the host of ' Carlo Conti flanked by two singers like Arisa and Emma.

The Festival will take place from 10 to 14 February. Four intense days in which the city of Sanremo will live, like every year, the dream of the music.

According to Ansa there will be another female presence — the actress and girlfriend of Raul Bova, Rocio Muñoz Morales.

Accounts, during the press conference, said he will be honored two greats, recently disappeared, Mango and Pino Daniele.

Obviously there will be, as every year, the international guests including shouldn't be the Imagine Dragons even though for the time being we don't know other names and negotiations are still in progress.

Carlo Conti has a past as a dj and this might be a good assumption, in musical choices this year. It was he himself who claim to have chosen songs that can be sung over time.

We take into account all those songs that remain etched in memory, and although some of these are dated over time the singing children now. We think of such great singers as Nilla Pizzi in the 1950s; Gino Paoli and Luigi Tenco 1960s; Lucio Dalla, Baptists and the rich and the poor in the 1970s and the great changes in the world of Italian music of the eighties which saw singers like Eros Ramazzotti, Vasco Rossi, Loretta Goggi and sugar (and many others). The nineties were the years of changes, not so much in songs but about singing event, with the orchestra playing live and with the abolition of the play back. In the years 2000 put more attention to the management of the programme. All focused on presenters who remember being Fabio Fazio, Raffaella Carrà and Pippo Baudo (just to name a few). The return of the latter, on the stage of the Ariston, was greatly appreciated by the public. There were of course the criticism because he looked more fashionable than the song. Today, the year 2015, things could further change. There may be the true return to music and development of the Italian song, proposing singers who really conquered the hearts of audiences because we must remember that the real star of the Festival is the song.

We just have to wait, watch and listen.

January 16, 2015

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Artistic director Retetop95, curator, historian and art critic.

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