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Colonne Sonore Disney - le più belle canzoni

Disney Soundtracks

Disney soundtracks-the best songs

The best Disney soundtracks collected for you by the editorial staff of ReteTop95 in a list of 100 of the most popular songs from the viewers well. In this list you will find classic movie soundtracks, like Cinderella and the Aristocats, until the most recent Disney soundtracks of movies like the Princess and the frog and Frozen. We tried to list the Italian version of the song, but in some cases we have preferred to leave the original English version.

Disney Soundtracks List

One Song — snow white and the seven dwarfs
Once Upon a Dream — sleeping beauty
YODEL-adle-eedle-idle-oo — Cows to the rescue
Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee — Pinocchio
Romeo Ebenezer de Coliseum-the Aristocats
Siam Siamesi ' Lady and the tramp
Madam Mimthe sword in the stone
Reindeer Are Better Than PeopleFrozen
I've Got No StringsPinocchio
Scales and Arpeggios — the Aristocats

Good Company — Oliver & Company
When I See an Elephant Fly "— Dumbo
Love Is an Open DoorFrozen
This is the reality — Hercules
Just Around the RiverbendPocahontas
The Work Song — Cinderella
In SummerFrozen
I'm Wishing — snow white and the seven dwarfs
Give a Little WhistlePinocchio
On the Open Road — a goofy movie
A Smile and a Song — snow white and the seven dwarfs
A Guy Like You "— the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale — Cinderella
"The Bells of Notre Dame — the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Mine, Mine, Mine "— Pocahontas
Perfect isn't Easy — Oliver & Company
That's the Life for MeJames and the giant peach
Mother Knows Best — Rapunzel: the plot of the Tower
A Girl Worth Fighting ForMulan
"I Wonder" — sleeping beauty
"Streets of Gold" — Oliver & Company
If I Never Knew You "— Pocahontas
Poor Unfortunate Souls — the Little Mermaid
Friends on the Other Side — the Princess and the frog
I wan'na Be Like You — the jungle book
Stand Out — a goofy movie
Bring Honor to Us AllMulan
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind — Basil the great mouse detective
"Nobody Else But You — a goofy movie
Throughout the Golden afternoon — Alice in Wonderland
Dig a Little Deeper — the Princess and the frog
The life of bucanierPeter Pan
"He's a Tramp" — Lady and the tramp
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes "— Cinderella
God Help the Outcasts — the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Following the Leader "— Peter Pan
Listen with Your HeartPocahontas
Ma Belle Evangeline — the Princess and the frog
So This Is Love — Cinderella
Today for the first time — Frozen
I See the Light — Rapunzel: the plot of the Tower
Baby MineDumbo
Your Mother and MinePeter Pan
Something Therebeauty and the beast
"I Just Can't Wait to Be King"the Lion King
Whistle While You Work — snow white and the seven dwarfs
After Today — a goofy movie
Friend Like MeAladdin
I-2-I — a goofy movie
John King Bogus — Robin Hood
Bellebeauty and the beast
"When We're Human — the Princess and the frog
Out There — the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Would you like to make a snowman? — Frozen
Kiss the Girl-the Little Mermaid
One Jump AheadAladdin
Sally's SongThe Nightmare Before Christmas
Gastonbeauty and the beast
"Why Should I Worry? — Oliver & Company
Heigh-Ho — snow white and the seven dwarfs
Jack's LamentThe Nightmare Before Christmas
In a World of My Own — Alice in Wonderland
Hellfire — the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Zero to HeroHercules
Prince AliAladdin
I can do thisHercules
Hakuna Matata-the Lion King
Be Our Guestbeauty and the beast
I don't mean to be blown away — Hercules
Be Prepared — the Lion King
Someday My Prince Will Come "— snow white and the seven dwarfs
Oogie Boogie's SongThe Nightmare Before Christmas
I'll Make a Man Out of YouMulan
Bella Notte — Lady and the tramp
Urca TiruleroRobin Hood
Tutti quanti voglion fare jazz — the Aristocats
Under the sea-the Little Mermaid
I can't dothe Princess and the frog
Cruella Demon101 Dalmatians
The bare necessities-the jungle book
Reflection — Mulan
Colors of the wind "— Pocahontas
"Let It Go" — Frozen
Can You Feel the Love Tonight "— the Lion King
Beauty and the beast "— beauty and the beast
The world is mine — Aladdin
Part of your world-the Little Mermaid
A star falls — Pinocchio