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Davide Iodice

Davide Iodice


Davide Iodice 1980 class, he studied art and design and graduated in 1999. After graduation, at the Faculty of Medicine of Torino, is renewing its artistic career focused in the study of classical and electronic music, creating experimental music work after two years with the cooperation of the Bulgarian Symphonic Orchestra and electronic sounds. With the collaboration of Dejan Pavlov, Alessandro Cardinal and Luciano Nieddu suitable personally his lyrics to music he wrote and performed in the first debut album entitled "Delirica", a mix of scratch Orchestra sounds from acoustic guitars and colored by electronic sounds lyrical soprano voice inserts sewn Sandra Balducci. That disk collect the first satisfactions in several awards with known representatives of Italian music in the jury.

Among them are:

-1° Award for the best music and sound Award 2008 Bindi
-2° best music in musical contest Brescia
-2° award tied in Arts Festival in Bologna
-Qualification to the finals De Chand Festival 
-Qualification to the finals de music and sound.

Between 2014 and 2015 finishes its second album titled DAVIDE IODICE, a readjustment in key electronics of some songs from the album "Delirica" more new songs. A work done with producer Jonathan Bailey of Noise Cube. The project was born from the artistic Rapture who underwent David after the experience in Icelandic and Polish land where she continued to follow and study the evolution of contemporary experiments in electronic room keys mixed classical sounds. His experimental verve the "forced" to creative diversity; driven by the desire to use the code in the art as the only remedy to the "annoyances" of society, public in 2014 his first photographic project entitled "EXTRAVOLTI" realized with the collaboration in the person of known pillars of art in Italy and all over the world including Callahan, Morgan, Caparezza, Einaudi, Bama, Brian Eno, From, Margherita Hack, Massimo Cacciari, Antonio Albanese and other 50 names of this caliber for a project in defense of Italian art and culture.

Driven by a humanitarian desire, Davide has decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of the photo catalog entirely to Emergency by Gino Strada. This project recognized by the Ministry of culture and promoted in journals such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, La Repubblica, The Rolling Stones, Vanity Fair and miscellaneous, has racked up 23 exhibitions in 2 years.

At the end of this new experience is now being published the second photographic project called Eclipse. A project that stimulates global environmental heritage which have already collaborated with names like Kennedy, Lang Lang, Tornatore, Richard Branson, David LaChapelle, Lilin, Pistoletto, Samantha Cristoforetti and various international cultural field.

In 2015, between a photograph and a concert, continues the musical production with Jonathan Bailey with whom ends a new work entitled CONTINUUM, a collection of 5 key electronic cover songs chosen among the best and famous Italian singers.

Article taken from the press release Tri Tubba Booking & Management


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