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Timba Cubana-the musical rhythm of Cuba

Timba Cubana-the sound of Cuba

Timba cubana: the genre develops independently from the sauce that was spreading throughout the world. Timba blends elements of rock, funk, hip-hop, rap, jazz, son, rumba, and also of the nueva trova in an explosion of sound. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of timba in disco – this innovative music is based on improvisation. Spontaneous and passionate dance style that accompanies timba is also called casino.

Timba Cubana-History

Before the new genre of Cuban music and a new dance, timba was a Word with different meanings, without a precise definition, more played within the afro-Cuban genre of rumba.

Kona is the complementary term that indicates a person who plays timba, and often refers to the collection of afro-Cuban Percussion in a musical group. Until the years ' 90, timba represents a form of intense and slightly more aggressive music and dance.

In contrast to the salsa, which has its roots in the 40 's and 50 's conjuntos, changed from rock, jazz, and traditional music of Puerto Rico, Timba represents a synthesis of a wide variety of popular sources.

The Cuban Timba bands are heavily influenced by jazz, rock and roll, disco, funk and hip hop, but also suffer the influences of folk traditions like rumba and guaguancó, batá drumming and the sacred songs of santeria. According to Vicenzo Perna, author of ' Timba: The Sound of the Cuban Crisis ', timba needs to talk to its musical, cultural, social, and political reasons; for its popularity in Cuba, for its originality as a musical style, to the skills of its performers, its relationship with the traditions and with black culture, for its meanings and for the way in which his style highlights the points of tension within society.

In addition to timbales, timba cubana uses percussion typical of North America, which further separates from sauce. It is also common to use keyboards. The songs tend to sound innovative, frequently the most virtuous of salsa; the parts of the Horn are often fast, with influences of bebop; innovations extend to all tools, the bass and the drums are not traditional ones.

The main precursors of Timba Cubana

In Timba Cubana there are three groups that must be heard: Los Van Van, Irakere (band-' 70) and NG La Banda (this band is born in ' 80).

In addition to these groups, other band of timba cubana which are considered the fathers of the new standards are: Son 14, Orquesta Original de Manzanillo, Ritmo Oriental and Orquesta Revé.

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