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Lyrical Short Cross-Border Cultural Association

LYRICAL SHORT a project perhaps unique in our country, both for the large number of young people (nearly 50!) who participate-librettists, composers, performers, singers, graphic designers and costume designers–but also for the many important and prestigious public institutions such as the Santa Cecilia Conservatory, the Academy of fine arts, the Academy of Costume and fashion, and the teatro Eliseo. This is a SHORT LYRICAL initiative created by the author and Director Roberto Cavosi, for cross-border cultural association, which has managed to put together a job not only produced and designed for the younger generation but conceived on sensitive topics and moods that belong to everyone in this fast-paced society that accompanies us. 

Photo 1Three are the works, written respectively by Aurora Martina Mahmud (let there be light), Fabio Marson (Rest) and Sarah Cavosi (the survival of the species) that will be represented on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May 20 at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome. Each develops a short parable completely autonomous, intended anyway to develop full spectacle where the "glue" is the theme chosen: the mystery of our life before a likely God, such a likely life and an equally … even more probable death.

Confronted with these shorts is "an experiment" that requires care and poetry – State Cavosi who also directed care shows themes somehow metaphysicians of three booklets and the music that accompanies them should be treated as small prayers though of course. In the three works emerge in fact the contradictions of our daily life as opposed to the great mystery of life and death, a comparison even tragicomic which reveals our weaknesses, our time as humorous ineluctable human frailty.

Enthusiastic and determined also the unanimous comment of three young librettists: when you write, pictures that your words will be printed, shared, read, recite … never would you think to hear them sing. It's an opportunity that doesn't happen every day and, for that, when we were offered to participate, none of us had doubts about what to say. But in Opera Courts there is so much more. There is fortunate to be guided by the enthusiasm and experience of Roberto Cavosi, the opportunity to partner with a huge group of guys from prestigious institutions and the honor to see our projects into one of the most important theatres in Rome. There is the feeling part of something beautiful, alive. And there is pride to have made our contribution.

OPERA COURTS, for many years Cavosi work with attention to finding an increasingly close relationship between words and music, paying more and more attention to the work of the younger generation and the creative capacity of the new dramatists. Spurred on by these two "needs", considered "game-force" to encourage young people to write short opera librettos, the art form that best represent us worldwide. Hence the desire to collaborate with young people as possible and to address important and prestigious institutions with which you have established a very happy understanding which led to the operation of the project: composers (winners of a competition internal Bandit for the occasion) come from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory, as well as the performers and singers; the costumes are signed by the students of the Academy of Costume and fashion;  set design (graphs on the seabed only) from the Academy of fine arts and the Teatro Eliseo gave his important spaces for the staging of the operation. Rebuttal was also the contribution of the SIAE that supported the writing workshop of booklets organized by border, which Cavosi himself was coordinator and story editor.  

A small project virtuoso-explains Luca Barbareschi, artistic director of the Teatro Eliseo-making training a unique moment to experience innovative models, spot young talent, encouraging innovation and supporting our most celebrated linguistic tradition: the Opera

 Friday 20-Saturday May 21, 2016
20 hours

a project by Roberto Cavosi

With the involvement of 
Academy of fine arts in Rome
Academy of Costume and fashion
Teatro Eliseo
Cross-Border Cultural Association

The writing workshop of booklets was created with the support of
Opera shorts  

Teatro Eliseo
Via Nazionale, 183-Roma


Let there be light by Aurora Martina Mahmud
At the bus stop, a runaway bride, an oriental man, a blind person with her assistant, a drag queen and a bigamist accidentally share the same space/time. Suddenly, a light from above illuminates the road: God himself has decided to grant the hearing. The six alternate untidily under the ray of light, in a crescendo of accusations, complaints and recriminations. Then, creeps a doubt: what if it's a fake? It takes a try. 

REST IN PICTURE of Fabio Marson
Carmine, which most people call Marilyn conceited character, has an obsession: find the right picture for your tombstone. No easy feat: the photo on the tombstone is the latest mask we wear, the image is intended to represent us forever, the perfect synthesis of a lifetime. However, it is a risky research, and Marilyn is soon to come to terms with one's wife and three ghosts intrusive rather dangerous.

The SURVIVAL of the SPECIES by Sara Cavosi
The sperm bank of Dr Es is the largest and provided the world has given rise already fifteen thousand children, earning Dr. Es fame of myth of procreation in a test tube. His professionalism is sorely tested by an aspiring demanding that mom seems to have very clear ideas about the son who wants; the woman, with her crazy demands, will bring turmoil throughout the study as well as his own marriage.

Class 1984, Pat transplanted to Rome. Author of narrative texts, film and theatre, in 2011 Wolf Award for short stories. As a psychologist, organizes and conducts seminars and experiential workshops for teens and adults. In 2014, he attended a Master's in Playwriting and screenwriting at the Accademia Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica "Silvio D'Amico". Currently, he collaborates to the Magnificent Theater format Master and screenwriter of a web series.

Born in Trieste in 1985, after graduating in Letters he moved to Rome, where he worked for tv shows, attended the course for screenwriters Rai-Script and scriptwriter graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. In 2016 WINS Mattador best subject along with Sara Cavosi. Wrote short films, plays, short stories and short story on Friuli Venezia Giulia. He currently works for Rai.

Born in Rome in 1989. Degree in literature and a diploma in Scriptwriting at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, signed plays, radio plays, short stories, scripts for short films and web series. In 2016 wins best story Award with Fabio Marson Mattador. He is currently working as a story editor at Cross Productions and is writing a Chamber opera for Venice Biennale under Biennale College.

The constant search for expressive freedom and intellectual led me first to embark on the career of writer and then founded the cultural association across the border. I was still an actor when a trip to the Philippines I gave the decisive impulse to tell the world no longer through the words of others but drawing on my own feelings. "See Roberto – told me one missionary in Mindanao–certainly does convenient any economic aid to the third world, but until you turn radically page will never change anything. If there is a third World mean that man was wrong. It's the mentality that should be changed. " I returned to Italy force of this sentence and in an effort not to change the world but at least myself, I decided to abandon the trade of actor for writing plays that would propose topics in my opinion important for a common growth. Within a few years the need to pursue this adventure has become stronger and stronger, so that in 2006 I decided to found the cross-border cultural association in order to have more voice and freedom of action. The trip across the border was very flattering, distinguishing himself in events and shows on the legality, civil rights, the meaning of resistance but also of tolerance and acceptance. Across the border is a "ship" with which to undertake ever new routes in search of values to us.
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