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CHILDHOOD – Il nuovo video, primo singolo estratto da: “The Land of Tales” dei Bankrobber

CHILDHOOD "The Land of Tales of Bankrobber

Childhood is a song that compositional side and really a little gem of this underground Italian, gets into his head and makes space through the memories of a small barefoot scorazzante you on the lawn behind the House. Amazing (Aretusea Magazine)

The video is on YouTube:

Directed by: Danae Mauro

Steadicam Operator: Armando Avallone

Focus Puller: Roberto Bassignana

Editing: Matthew Motzo

Colorist: Mani Lal

Produced by Gun Club Music

With: Bruno Galas, Catherine Spaniards, Joshua Maddox, Gabriele Amatucci, Marina Righettini

The Bankrobber are: James O, Andrea Villani, Stefano Beretta, Magdalene Oberti 

The Quintet at Riva del Garda is in top creative phase (Salfordgreens)

From the emphasis britpop breaks in most catchy: "Childhood", where the slide guitar is so bright to be the main protagonist of the composition, going to amplify that feeling of airiness erected by compelling gasps of battery. (Rockit)

There is really no need to bands like The Bankrobber, fresh, crisp, classic and modern at the same time (Musicalnews)

Universal Pop vibrations from Italy

THE LAND OF THE TALES is crystal clear proof of their inventive songwriting qualities. (50thirdband3rd)

Another classy claw (Rock Impressions)

Fresh air in the world of Rock (Verona-Pantheon)

Sound games of The Bankrobber (l'adige Rock)

The band of Riva del Garda gives vent to his versatility by embracing the most diverse influences, Great. (Radiocoop)

Taken from the press release GCM Factory

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