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ASMR-insomnia cure with Yotube

Insomnia cure with Youtube

YouTube cures insomnia ASMR.  It's the digital phenomenon of the moment: referred to by many as an orgasm in the brain to the feeling of well-being and pleasure that elicits in the body while listening to voices whispered. Orgasm is cerebral, not physical. For many this phenomenon represents a moment of pure relaxation and using video as a medium for falling asleep, helping the mind to break free from the strains and strains of everyday life.

This relative new phenomenon cannot be termed as the latest trend on the web. The increasing popularity that is experiencing ASMR worldwide, the growing number of people who experience positive effects on their mental and physical health are also curious about what the scientific community to study the process.

Steven Novella, a neuroscientist and Assistant Professor at Yale, published on his blog, The Ness a tale of this practice. In the blog the scientist writes that despite the lack of medical literature, the ASMR are most likely true that the neurological causes behind them may vary: "there may be some kind of crisis, seizures can sometimes be nice and be triggered from this sort of thing" writes on his blog. "Or it may simply be a way to trigger the response of pleasure. Vertebrate brains are basically wired for pleasure and pain, to give feedback positive or negative behaviour ".

ASMR-How It Works

ASMR (short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), could be compared to an impulse that flows inside the head of those who participate in this experience listening to a whisper, a song only barely perceived, the draw of a pencil in a notebook. Or by listening to the noise that make your fingers through your hair or hands that move slowly on the microphone. This relaxation may also occur through simple steps that other people do toward us: a visit to the doctor or a hair salon wash Chair sometimes do well this thrill, this emotion that, starting from the head down along the entire spine, freeing us from all the stresses of the day.

Through Visual and auditory stimuli (called Triggers) as the noise of a brush that runs through your hair or whisper that went from ear to ear, relaxes the listener that immediately finds herself with a meraigliosa feeling of relaxation. Visual stimuli instead find their peak through roleplay (RPGs) where these filmmakers they pretend to be craftsmen as hairdressers, doctors, massage therapists, and makeup artists into believing the spectator to be actually in one of these sessions.

The Social phenomenon

ASMR is proving to be a strong phenomenon of social utility. Most users use youtube videos to facilitate sleep onset but the remaining users youtube uses these videos because you feel lonely or unmotivated. In these videos, in fact, it is common for the youtuber uses motivational phrases or comfort for the user which turned out to be universal; This indeed proved to be a transversal phenomenon, used by men and women of all ages and walks of life.

ASMR is now a widespread phenomenon in youtube Italy. The youtubers Italians publish many videos per week and is increasing the number of channels dedicated to this new practice. In confirmation of the highly successful ASMR is getting into the world we are the digits: from 2009 (release year of ASMR phenomenon) to date on Youtube have been uploaded over 2 million videos. On Reddit forum dedicated to ASMR has over 60 thousand members and supporters on Facebook are over 11 thousand. Using as search key word ASMR on YouTube you can watch thousands of videos showing men and women whispering, whispering, read aloud a book or tell of their day, using makeup brushes on the microphone. We must not make the mistake of thinking this phenomenon as grotesque or as yet another internet hoax. Many scholars and scientists from around the world begin to analyse and study the phenomenon to see if there is any truth to this practice that, if properly designed, it could open new realities for the wellbeing of all.

ASMR-the best Youtube channels Italy and abroad

Asmr Italy

Asmr in foreign language

  • Gentle Whispering: the most famous youtube channel dedicated to ASMR
  • Massage ASMR: one of the few males involved in this phenomenon
  • Heather Fether: More important channel reserved especially at whispering
  • MassageASMR: ASMR Channel dedicated to massages
  • CosmicTingles: other popular English Channel numerous roleplay
  • Cutebunny992: ASMR Channel directly from following Greece, very