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Pending the release of the new album Time Machine, released a preview of the first single of Supercats and the Badger, Morning Light. A song from the credits in thickness, which sees the arrangements by Maestro Massimo Zanotti and the precious featuring of Jim Parker (Litfiba, Ligabue).
Morning Light is an important piece of the history of the Supercats and the Badger: marks the arrival in Italy of Italian-American leader Mike Nash, who with his music tells us about the feelings and inner motions of those who have lived their lives from one end to the other of the ocean, between New York and Bologna.
And American influences sound Supercats and the weblog Badger you notice all: created and processed by Mike along with bassist Tabita (the Badger) and drummer Tahir, their music is a powerful blend of Funk, rock and blues with a sometimes "poppeggianti", all featuring a high quality production and featuring important.
In addition to the riff of Parker in Morning Light in upcoming disc stand out, among others, the actions of the same Massimo Zanotti on keyboards and trombone, the guitars of Placid Salamone (Celentano), the only vowels of the blues singer Sara Z and the trumpets of Jane Galloway.
Waiting for the new album, to be released by the record label Areasonica Records – which involved the bolognese disclosure between USA, Italy and Europe – green light then the sound and compelling riff of Mornig Light!

Taken from the press release Areasonica

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