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Alexander Boscolo AlexB-Dj

My name is Alexander Boscolo, I was born in Chioggia (Ve) in 1980, I cultivate this passion/job since I was 13 years old and since precisely in this ripe old age I began to spin the first vinyls at home.
By this time, his passion for music has never left me, attending courses x guitar, listening to music of all kinds (even before the age of 13 years) and then a good party with friends.
Over time, they asked me if I would be willing to turn on work this passion and I did in my free time then do it as a profession.
For several years now, I dedicate myself to music and clubs that host the Latin music and where I have my evenings … ODYSSEY FUN CITY (TV), HOLLYWOOD in robinvale, VILLA BARBIERI (PD), MAKA (RO) and guest in many other …
In all this, there has always been something I wanted to devote myself, RADIO.
I worked with the local radio RADIO RADIO ", with" BABY CHIOGGIA LASESTEREO.COM and now with the major project of the existing commercial radio NETWORK "TOP 95", with which we are now here, among friends and colleagues, to make our contribution to make it grow, of course with your support.

Chioggia 3/21/2015

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